I mostly paint these days, mainly acrylic on wood panels. This one is called "Aviary" and is about 42" wide.

"Perseus Void". Acrylic. 2023, 32 x 40"

"Taormina", acrylic on panel 28 x 37

"Allegory", two panels nearly 5 ft. wide.

"Cascade". Collection of Pat and Ivar Nelson.

"Empire Lane".

"ECH 2696".

"F Street".

"Flying J".

"Green Room", collection of Donald Stanziano and Joan Hofmann

'Hopper", collection of Anne Larkin.

"JMW", collection of Joan Jones and Tom Drake.

"Pierre Loti".

"Palma". Collection of Joan Jones and Tom Drake.

"Smartwool". This is a lifesize painting of a Smartwool t-shirt. It has a million little lines of paint pen for the stripes.

"A Street". Collection of City of Moscow.

"Alley Moon", collection of Nancy and David Nelson.

"Raster", collection of Anne and Peter Killen.

"Raster" at its new home.

"Orchard Street", collection of Zena Hartung.

"Our House".

"Fanci-Freez", collection of Anne Larkin.

"Crabapple" collection of Sally Gill.


"Garage Door".

"Tokyo Night".

"Radial Engines". This is student work from when I was 20. I still like it alot.

"Homestead'. A lot of people want this little picture!

"Tokyo Train".

"511". Destroyed

"Line Street".

"Ferengi". Oil on panel. 2023. This dude kind of looks like me.

"Bars". Acrylic on panel. 24 x 30. This is an odd one. also. Like, I see the stripes, but where are the stars?

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