This is my newest sculpture. Carved out of insulation foam and covered with epoxy and fiberglass, 47" wide. It is called "Shark".

I have always thought of myself as a sculptor first. It is what I studied in school and it found its way eventually into the furniture and product design.

"Snotch". This thing is just plain nasty. Cardboard and fiberglass.

I was really into covered bridges for a while. This is about 3 ft. long.

"Mitt". 1991

"Comtan", a 1/6th scale model of the telephone switchbox near my house.

Comtan in progress.


"Stokes Litter". This is student work from 1985. 1/4 scale model of stretcher for transporting injured people.

"Shrike". I am reminded of the old joke "sculpture is what you bump into as you back up to look at a painting".

I have made a virtual herd of these little scrap wood horses.

"Single Wide". 24" wide.

"GM 206B" 1/3 scale model of 1990 Chevrolet pickup. gas tank.


My little wooden herd.

Starting out on a new horse.

"Idolon". Aluminum tape on driftwood.

"Tobias". Assemblage of found items including a makeup brush.

This is a faithful copy of a chimney in Moscow, complete with little bird and whale silhouettes.

I have made a ton of these wall sculptures. Cardboard, hot glue, and paint.

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