I think the best thing I ever built is my shop. This little  24 x 24 ft space has produced furniture, building components, helmet designs, knives, paintings and sculptures. Had many parties, painted my truck and got married in here.

Rush Chair. 1986 or so. Welded steel, woven fiber rush seat. Won a "Table, Lamp, and Chair"award.

This is the first piece of furniture I ever designed, the "Rockwood Stool". This also won a Table, Lamp and Chair award, and got picked up by a furniture shop in Portland called VOX. This was what Nike designers saw and called me to do some custom work for them.

I built a ton of benches and chairs for Nike in the 90's. most of it went to Niketowns around the world.

Made of particle board, sanded and bondoed and sanded and primed and sanded....

A ski helmet design. This is painted clay.

I have designed nearly 50 pairs of sunglasses.

The Trek Photon. My first helmet design and still the only one that passed impact testing without revisions.

A spec design I eventually sold to Giro.

My one and only motorcycle helmet design.

Melissa's studio in our back yard. This is a sweet little space. Tom Drake helped me build this during COVID.

Gold -painted headstock tree logo.

Designs for living pods

Duct-tape coin purse.

This pump design for Park Tool has become something of a bikeshop icon.

Famed drop-bar backcountry legend Ultraromance rocking the Giro Reverb,

Some pencil renderings.

One of maybe 7 patents I have been awarded.

I designed a bunch of fitness equipment.

Chipman Trail Gates. There is a kind of Railroad-Depot/ Torii Gate/Trestle thing going on here.

I designed a lot of "things" in my career. Things that consumed resources, provided a measure of comfort and safety to people and made some money for me and the manufacturers. I loved my job but I am very happy to be retired and making things just for me now.

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