These first four drawings are from a series of "Me As" : me as Prince....etc.

Me as Elvis Costello.

Me as Ronald Macdonald. This one is my favorite. I look so glum, like it is sinking in on me that I am going to have to wear this stupid costume all night,

Me as George Washington.

Sapphire Lounge, Spokane. 

I have been sketching while on trips the last few years. It's a nice way to stop and appreciate things.

Alley in Moscow. I love alleys.

Pantheon, Rome

I drew this pine tree about 29 times.

San Francisco

On the LePuy route in France heading to Santiago. This was a cold early morning.

This is one of my favorite sketches. Has a little bit of a Japanese feel to it.

Lepuy Chemin

Bar in Lectoure, France

On the flight home.

Flowers, Donnelly, Idaho

I may have looked a bit odd standing in the lake trying to get photos of splashes..

Latah County


Swirling Dog Column. I had a dream of a kind of tornado of fighting dogs.

Walking home from Moscow Building Supply on a wintry night. 

Park in Aix-en -Provence

Saint Tropez

Nice, France

Boats & Coffee

On the GR69 near Aix-en -Provence

"Invented Map" 2023, pencil, 11 x 14

"Crystal 3" 2023, pencil, 11 x 14

"Crystal 1" 2023, pencil, 11 x 14

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