Sometimes you just gotta build a dagger. This may be The Pointiest Object Ever.

I've been making knives for a few years now.

As of 2023 I am up to 65 knives built.

The next few pictures are from a knifemaking class I took in Japan while walking the 88 Temple route in Shikoku. The shop is on the Shimanto River, Japan's last undammed river. 

Nobuya-san, the owner. Always happy and encouraging, and a consummate craftsman.

We would start the day warming up by the woodstove.

One of the 4 knives I built there.

Nobuya-san on the power hammer. You show up and immediately start heating steel in the coal-fired forge. No safety lecture, no "class time". Within an hour I was wailing on red hot steel with a 3 ft sledgehammer.

I'm guessing there aren't too many knives with handles made from toy dinosaurs.

Barracuda letter opener.

Branch handle paring knife. I think it is plum wood from the back yard.

Hori-hori garden knife 

A french-style chef knife

Burned fir handle

Texas cypress handle from the owner's land.

Inuit trade knife replica.

My first knife, "El Jefe".

That bottom one is a folder.

This is one big badass knife.

Larkin Knives T-shirt. Highly coveted.

Beware the Batchet, Slicer of Fingers.

This. handle is made of stacked 1/2" plywood. 

Cleaver for Mark. 2023.

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